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Spring is Moving Season

movingWhile there is always a lot of excitement around changing homes, there is also a lot of stress. If you’re moving, you can manage some of that stress by paying attention to safety. Here are a few tips from Kijiji Canada on how to do it right.


Get plenty of boxes


One of the most common sights during a move is boxes filled to the brim and bursting at the seams. Moving-safety experts say it’s best to collect as many boxes as possible so that belongings can be evenly distributed. This may mean more boxes to move, but the more even weight distribution should make the process less toilsome and less likely to strain muscles.


Use moving equipment


Using the right equipment is important. Gloves with padded grips can prevent boxes from slipping and dollies can make it easier to move large, awkward items. Also remember to wear appropriate clothes. Lightweight clothing that isn’t too loose and sneakers are ideal.


Stretch before and after moving


While moving may not seem like exercise, constantly going up and down flights of stairs and lifting heavy objects is very physically demanding. Make sure that you stretch before and after moving, especially concentrating on your back, arms, wrists and legs. Stretching warms up the joints and muscles to prepare for them for work and helps prevent injury.


Lift with your legs


Many people lift with their backs, but kinesiologists advise against this practice. When lifting boxes and other objects, instead of bending over, which uses your back, it’s far better to lift with your legs. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, bend at the knees and then lift. Make sure to lift with your legs whether you are carrying objects by yourself or with someone else’s help.


Take frequent breaks


One of the last things anyone wants to do when moving is drop something, potentially breaking a valuable that may require a home insurance claim. But this can easily happen if you overestimate how heavy something is or don’t take frequent breaks. It is especially important to take frequent breaks when it’s hot out, not only to avoid overexerting yourself but also to drink fluids and ensure you stay hydrated.



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