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Life Insurance

Don't leave your loved ones stressed or worried about finances, get life insurance from Acumen Insurance.

Life insurance is the basic tool for providing family financial protection for the unexpected. When you plan for the future, you and your family will normally count on a continued income to maintain lifestyle. Life insurance can help preserve and protect your lifestyle upon the death of a family member.

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Complete Protection for your Family

Life Insurance insures the Continuity of Lifestyle

Each family has different needs. The needs depend, among other things, on whether there are one or two income earners, whether there are children or other dependents. Each individual family’s unique lifestyle depends on these income needs, values, interests and goals. Life insurance can help preserve and protect this lifestyle upon the death of a family member. The job of life insurance today is therefore to ensure that the lifestyle and living standard created before death, continues after death, for the survivors, for a lifetime if necessary.


Basic needs that arise upon a person's death:

  • Funeral & Final Expenses

    Figures can vary from $5,000 to $10,000, and up. It will include cash for emergencies, probate court costs and legal fees.

  • Mortgage & Rent

    Where would your family live? Would they stay in the same neighbourhood with friends, neighbours and schools? Survivors have to live somewhere.

  • Education Costs

    Now running as much as $6,000 to $10,000 per child per year of post secondary education.

  • Survivor’s Income

    What will the surviving family members have to live on if the wage earner’s income stops? Would the surviving spouse continue or be forced to go back to work? What about the children (if any)? Would there be extra cost for baby-sitters, transportation, etc.?

Acumen Insurance Group also offers:

  • Mortgage Protection

    Ensure that your family will be able to stay in their home if you or your spouse dies before the mortgage is paid off.

  • Quick Issue Critical Illness

    This plan is designed to provide funds to help you financially care for yourself and your family while allowing you to focus on recovery. The plan pays a tax-free lump sum living benefit which can be used to offset the cost of managing the illness without impacting your savings, retirement plans and lifestyle.

  • Funding for Business Buy and Sell Agreements – Life insurance can be used to guarantee surviving shareholders that they will have sufficient funds to purchase the deceased’s shares. It provides a guarantee to the deceased’s heirs that they will be able to obtain full value for the deceased’s business interest.
  • Children’s Plans

    A child’s insurability (i.e. their health) can change quickly and unexpectedly and having life insurance for your child can guarantee a lifetime of worry-free coverage.

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