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Business Insurance

Commercial Insurance Needs to Grow with Your Business

Your business insurance needs to reflect all that’s new with your business. Is your business the same today as it was when you first started out? Chances are it isn’t, not by a long shot. Small business owners are notorious for being agile and quick to embrace changes that are

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5 Common Insurance Claims for Small Business

Common small business insurance claims help us understand what parts of your business are most at risk. The smaller your business, the bigger the financial impact could be if you’re sued or if you experience a loss that’s not covered by your insurance policy. Understanding these common claims can help

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Fire Safety Planning & your Business

Protecting your business, your staff and your customers is our priority at Acumen Insurance. Operating a business location comes with risks. That’s why it’s important to ensure you’re prepared in case you ever have to face an emergency situation – such as a fire. All businesses should have a fire

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How to Protect your Business from Break-ins

Breaking and Entering can be a lucrative opportunity for criminals. Consequently, any home or business is at risk. Property owners can greatly reduce this risk by simply improving the physical security of their premises. This is referred to as target hardening, and this will help deter break-ins and protect property.

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Winterizing your Business – Property & Premises

You work hard to build and maintain your business. That’s why it’s important to ensure you’re protected from all potential losses – especially when they’re avoidable. Whether we experience a mild winter or harsh storms, the cold season can cause property damage and safety concerns. By preparing your business premises

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Office Party Season & Liability

It’s the season for office Christmas parties – where alcohol flows and employees let loose after a busy year. But with fun and festivities comes liability. Particularly at a hired venue, or a party space off-site, party alcohol liability can be a crucial protection for an employer, said Kathleen Greeley-Hamilton,

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November is Financial Literacy Month

People who are inspired to learn more about their finances during Financial Literacy Month shouldn’t overlook the effect that insurance can have on their bank accounts. Each November, financial education advocates urge consumers to take time to study money issues. An important part of achieving financial literacy is understanding how

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Flood Damage & Your Property

Until recently, flood damage insurance has not been on top of mind for Central Ontario business and home owners. That all changed this fall, with increasingly unstable weather patterns and the heavy, slow-moving thunderstorm that slammed Windsor this past week: last year Toronto was  waist-deep in water damage. Flood Damage Insurance for Business

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An Uber-challenge to automobile insurance coverage

Using the family car to drive for Uber carries the potential for serious consequences in terms of inadequate insurance protection. Until the legal issues surrounding Uber’s business model are resolved, it doesn’t appear likely the industry will come up with a solution. Uber is a large multinational firm that offers

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