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Trusted Independent Advice from Your Insurance Brokers in Hamilton

Whether you are a builder, homeowner, or business owner, we offer independent advice to protect your property. At Acumen Insurance Group, our team of experienced insurance brokers in Hamilton know your specific needs. They will tirelessly work to protect those needs – your protection is our business. Acumen Insurance believes that clients can be better served if they are advised by a broker. Acumen helps clients choose the coverage that best suits their needs. This is our “Independent Trusted Advice”. We offer our clients products from many of the reputable insurers in our marketplace. We also represent many smaller specialty insurers in order to cover unique and hard to insure risks. Whatever the need, we will provide our clients with the best service.

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Acumen Insurance is an insurance brokerage which provides insurance quote for the following products and services :

Car Insurance
Home Insurance
Commercial Business
Fleet Risk Management
Student Rental
Spa & Salons
Errors & Omissions
Fiduciary Bonds

These days there are many different ways to buy insurance, but there are good reasons to consider using an insurance broker’s expertise to help you make the best-informed decisions. At Acumen Insurance, our professional insurance brokers act as your personal advisor on insurance matters.  They work for you, not the insurance company, to make sure your family; your possessions and your business are properly protected. For over 30 years, we have been working with families, communities and businesses to provide protection and advice at the best rates possible. Your best insurance to find the proper protection at a fair price, and help in the event of any future claims.

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